HiPP Dutch HypoAllergenic Stage 1 Formula

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HiPP Dutch HypoAllergenic Stage 1 Formula

For Babies 0-6 Months

800 Grams of powder


Tiny Try-Out (2 pack) - CAD 13.99 Shipping
CAD 71.39 per unit
Happy Tummy (12 pack) - Free Delivery
CAD 71.39 per unit
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Introducing HiPP Dutch HypoAllergenic Stage 1 Formula, a breakthrough in infant nutrition designed to cater to the unique dietary needs of babies from birth to 6 months. Meticulously crafted in the Netherlands, this formula is the epitome of excellence, combining a superior taste with comprehensive nutrition for a complete or supplementary feeding option alongside natural breast milk.

Key Features:

🍼 Hypoallergenic Solution - Perfect for babies with sensitive tummies, HiPP Dutch HypoAllergenic Stage 1 Formula utilizes low-allergen extensively hydrolyzed milk proteins, significantly reducing the risk of allergic reactions and discomfort.

🌱 Dutch Expertise - Manufactured in the Netherlands, this formula meets and exceeds the stringent EU organic standards. Free from GMOs, gluten, soy, starch, corn syrup, added sugars, steroids, pesticides, growth hormones, and unnecessary antibiotics.

👶 Gentle Digestion Support - Enriched with prebiotics and probiotics, this formula promotes a healthy gut microbiome, mirroring the nurturing environment of breast milk.

🌟 Quality Assurance - Direct collaboration with HiPP-Germany and HiPP-the Netherlands ensures 100% original products with a long shelf life. Each can provides 800 grams (28 oz) of formula powder, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

📚 Seamless Transition - Tailored for newborns, with HiPP Dutch Stage 2 and Stage 3 available for continued nutritional support as your baby grows.


✅ HypoAllergenic Excellence: Low-allergen hydrolyzed milk proteins reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions.

✅ Dutch Craftsmanship: Expertly manufactured in the Netherlands, exceeding EU organic standards.

✅ Digestive Harmony: Prebiotics and probiotics for a gentle and healthy digestive system.

✅ Quality Assurance: Direct collaboration with HiPP ensures authenticity and freshness.

✅ Easy Growth Transition: Suitable for ages 0-6 months, with options for older infants and toddlers.

✅ Eco-Friendly Commitment: HiPP is dedicated to sustainability through recyclable materials.

Choose HiPP Dutch HypoAllergenic Stage 1 for a gentle and organic foundation for your baby's well-being, backed by decades of expertise and innovation in infant nutrition.

Prioritize your baby's health – consult with your pediatrician for personalized feeding advice and ensure the best choice for your baby's unique needs.

Lactose, vegetable oils (palm oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), proteins of hydrolyzed whey, lactose galacto-oligosaccharides, calcium orthophosphate, potassium chloride, emulsifying agent: citric acid esters of mono- and diglyceride fatty acids, fish oil 1, choline, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, L-phenylalanine, L-tyrosine, Mortierella alpina oil 1, calcium carbonate, carbonate of magnesium, sodium selenite, vitamin C, zinc sulfate, L-tryptophan, L-histidine, inositol, potassium iodate, L-carnitine, iron sulphate, the natural culture of lactic acid (Limosilactobacillus fermentum hereditum)2, organiclifestart.com, pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin E, copper sulfate, vitamin B, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin B, manganese sulfate, calcium L-methylfolate, vitamin K, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12. 1) lcp (omega-3 and -6) = long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids 2) lactobacillus fermentum cect5716 *palm oil from sustainable cultivation, certified by independent control bodies Please be aware that this product is manufactured according to European Union nutritional standards. Consequently, it may not meet the requirements of customers outside the EU. 


HiPP GmbH & Co. 

Vertrieb KG D-85273 Pfaffenhofen, Germany

AgeWater# Of ScoopsReady-made FormulaMeals per day
1-2 weeksConsult your pediatrician---
3-4 weeks90ml (3oz)3100ml (3.4oz)5-7
5-8 weeks120ml (4oz)4135ml (4.6oz)5-6
3-4 months150ml (5.1oz)5170ml (5.7oz)5
5 months180ml (6.1oz)6200ml (6.8oz)4-5
6+ months210ml (7.1oz)7235ml (8oz)4
Energy67 kcal
Total Fat3.6 g
 Saturates1.5 g
 Monounsaturates1.7 g
 Polyunsaturates0.5 g
Linoleic acid0.4 g
Linolenic Acid (Omega 3)0.05 g
DHA13.4 mg
ARA13.4 mg
Total Carbs7.1 g
 Sugars7.1 g
Lactose7.0 g
 Starch1.5 g
Inositol4.3 mg
Fiber0.3 g
Galacto-oligosaccharides0.3 g
 Polyunsaturates0.5 g
Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA / Omega 3)0.05 g
Arachidonic Acid (ARA)13.4 mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)13.4 mg
Protein1.8 g
L-Carnitin1.8 mg
Sodium21 mg
Potassium85 mg
Chloride52 mg
Calcium52 mg
Phosphorus30 mg
Magnesium4.6 mg
Iron0.6 mg
Zinc0.6 mg
Copper54 mcg
Manganese50 mcg
Fluoride5 mcg
Selenium3.9 mcg
Iodine15 mcg
Vitamin A55 mcg
Vitamin D1.5 mcg
Vitamin E0.7 mg
Vitamin K5.2 mcg
Vitamin C9.1 mg
Vitamin B1 Thiamin0.051 mg
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin0.14 mg

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Frequently asked questions about HiPP Dutch HypoAllergenic Stage 1 Formula


How does Hypoallergenic formula work?

HiPP’s HA formula features extensively hydrolyzed milk proteins, reducing allergenicity and preventing allergic reactions.

When to start HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 formula?

Use HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 formula from birth to 6 months, as recommended by your pediatrician.

Can HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 be the sole nutrition source?

Certainly, it's a complete source from birth to 6 months, acting as a substitute for or complement to breast milk.

Is HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 formula organic?

While not labeled organic due to hydrolyzed proteins, HiPP ensures GMO-free, high-quality standards in their formula.

Can I switch between regular formula and HA formula?

Yes, with guidance from your pediatrician for a smooth transition.

Can HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 cause constipation?

No, it generally helps relieve constipation due to its hydrolyzed nature, making it easier to digest.

Does HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 have iron?

Yes, with 0.6 mg per 100 ml of prepared formula.

Is HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 lactose-free?

No, it contains lactose and is not suitable for lactose-intolerant babies.

Does HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 contain palm oil?

Yes, it contains organic palm oil sourced through organic farming.

What to do if baby doesn't tolerate HA formula well?

Stop use immediately and consult with your pediatrician.

How to prepare HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 formula?

Follow our recommended steps for safe and hygienic preparation.

How many ounces does one box make?

One can makes about 209 fluid ounces, equivalent to 42 bottles of 5 ounces.

Storage life of HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 formula?

Unopened containers last until the expiration date; once opened, use within 3 weeks.

How long does the prepared formula last?

Ideally, prepare just before feeding; unused formula is good for 2 hours at room temperature or 1 hour once feeding begins. Discard any remaining formula after feeding.

Preparation for all powdered formulas:

  1. Begin by using freshly boiled water for each of your baby's meals and allow it to cool down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 °C) before mixing it with the formula.

  2. Pour 2/3 of the required boiled water into a clean and sterilized bottle.

  3. Utilize the scoop provided with your formula box (note that spoon sizes may vary by brand and lot). Add the appropriate number of leveled scoops of powder, with 1 leveled scoop per 1oz / 30ml of water.

  4. Close the bottle with the nipple and cap, then vigorously shake until all the powder has completely dissolved.

  5. Add the remaining water to the bottle and shake it thoroughly.

  6. Cool the formula to drinking temperature (approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 °C), and ALWAYS test the temperature before feeding to prevent scalding or burning your little one.

Important Information:

  • Only use the scoop provided in the pack.

  • Do not alter the strength of feeds by adding extra water/scoops, and refrain from adding anything else to the milk.

  • Always prepare formula freshly; avoid preparing in advance. Use it immediately and discard any leftovers at the end of the feed.

  • Avoid heating a bottle in a microwave, as it may result in hot spots that could cause scalding.

  • Consume all opened formula within 21 days. Never use formula beyond its expiration date. The expiration date on the formula box/tin follows the European standard: day/month/year.

  • Steer clear of storing formula in areas of high heat or humidity.

Stage PRE and Stage 1 are exluded from promotional prices or discounts. Prices may be lowered due to economies of scale in fulfilment, parcel handling and distribution.

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